5 Quick Tips that Will Increase Website Traffic


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Hello again Internet. Today I’ll be posting more web site traffic advice. A list of 5 proven SEO best practices that you may or may not be using already. If these sound new to you give them a shot. Only if your serious about traffic. If not good day.

Use Google Webmaster Tools to Improve your Website

Websites that perform better are received by Google better. Websites that perform well and have fast loading pages will be well received by your readers. It will not only help retain users, but it will get more qualified commenters and in turn help Google to see the value of your web site.

Use Google Webmaster Tools to improve your website. There are a lot of great tools built into the webmaster dashboard including:

  • Html Improvements
  • Site links
  • Links to your site
  • Search traffic
  • Keywords your site is coming up for.
  • Usability messages
  • Over all how Google sees your website

GWT will help point out issues you may not have known about that have been hurting your traffic. Generally the tips are pretty easy to implement once your aware of them.

Write Short Concise Posts

People now a day are used to having information that’s easy to quickly scan. Summing up what your post is about using your H tags will quickly display to your reader what this post is about. The use of bulleted lists is easy to also visually digest.

Keep on subject! Your writing a post about something specific. More importantly your also writing for the bots. Be aware of your keywords, use them appropriately and write content people want to read.

Interlink your Blog Posts

If you have a post that really performed well in the past.. or maybe it’s a post about a trending subject.. or maybe it’s a post you just plain like. A great way to breathe life into older pages is to drive a link their way. If you have a post about something you’ve written about in the past leave a link using your targeted keyword in order to give that page more relevance.

Use Alts and Title tags on All Your Images

This is an easy tip that is often over looked. Including this meta data is just another way for Google to determine what you’re web site is all about. Alt tags should explain what the image is. The bots can’t tell what this image is so tell them and make sure to include your target keyword here as well.

Update Pinging Services

This is a great tip for getting your content aggregated. In WordPress you can set what news outlets and pinging services you want to automatically notify when you have new content. The more eyeballs you can get on a page the better. Automatically syndicating your content insures that your post is recognized by a number of popular news outlets every time you post.

Under Settings > Writing. Scroll down to “Update Services”. Here you can past a line separated list of pinging services. The list below is a pretty good list from the fine people at WordPress.com. I highly encourage you to search for niche specific blog ping services as there might be something more appropriate available for what you write about.


Bonus Search Engine Optimization Tip

Syndicate Your Blog for the Kindle

I just found out it’s pretty easy to syndicate your website for Kindle. Like I said before the more eyeballs on a page the better. Making your website available in the Kindle format means that there’s one more way for people to read your posts. If you do well Amazon has an affiliates program so you could even make some money as well.

I submitted my blog this morning over coffee and was picked up and syndicated 2 hours later.


Checkout the new Kindle version of my web site here.

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X Files Hokey Show Opener Revisited


A Cheesy Opener for a Highly Regarded TV Series

I had to take a minute to mention how extremely cheesy the original show opener for the X Files was. NetFlix is currently streaming the entire series of X Files of which I was and still am a huge fan. I’ve seen the entire series and seen both of the movies in the theatre. In fact, thanks to NetFlix I’ve been able to relive the series. According to the multiple sources the X Files reboot is inevitable.

At any rate, take about 42 seconds and give X Files the original show opener another view. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before. The show opener looks like it was put together by a Freshman in high school using some video freeware program.

It seems so uninspired and appears like a total after thought. It starts off with some really hokey, dodgy ufo clip. Ok I get it. That’s followed up by a blurry equation of some sort that then segways into a Jacobs Ladder type light, followed by a twisted screaming face with “Paranormal Activity” haphazardly thrown in seemingly out of no where. It doesn’t adhere to any sort of design style. This is then followed by a ghostly figure walking down the hall with yet another text effect that is not only way different looking than the first, but seems to fade out almost before you can read it.

Like I said I love X Files. It’s just strange that it took so long to notice how bad the original opener was. I guess that’s what binge watching will do for you. I seriously feel like I could make something very close to this in less than a half hour.

If you don’t have NetFlix you can watch most episodes of X Files on YouTube. And if your an uber fan check out this great podcast by comedian Kumail Nanjiani, the X Files Files.

Follow Kumail Nanjiani on Twitter.

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Goodbye Internet Explorer You Will Not Be Missed


In case you were too drunk yesterday and missed the joyous news Microsoft announced it was retiring it’s browser the dreaded Internet Explorer just shy of it’s 20 year anniversary. That’s right Bill Gates will be spilling malt liquor soon for IE and it’s shitty iterations. Not since Netscape died has the web design community had more of a reason to celebrate. For regular Internet users out there and government employees alike this might not sound like a big deal, but from the web development community this is music to our ears. It’s a God send, a red letter day. For years we’ve had to develop for this lumbering dinosaur of a browser which didn’t support modern day code until version 9.


All you need to do is perform a hashtag search for #dieIEdie to see just how many people were not on board with this clunky excuse of a web browser. Perform a quick Google search and you’ll find page after page of anti IE websites that exist. There is a huge side of the Internet community that has no idea of the sleepless hours lost over programming for previous versions of this browser. IE 6,7,8 being the target for a most of the geek vitriol and hatred.

This means that gone are the days of writing downgraded code to provide a gracefully degredated version of the web site or application you spent countless hours programming. No longer will we have support technology that refuses to support itself. No longer will we have to provide a clumsy bit of broken code that works for IE and only IE.

This is a Double Edged Sword

Yes IE is going the way of the Do Do, however there are plans to replace the soon to be defunct browser in Windows 10 with a new browser Microsoft is calling Project Spartan. So I’m sorry to say to all the cross browser compatibility specialists out there we’re still going to have at least 1 more browser to code for. Hopefully, they will pick up where IE 11 left off and at the very least support modern day code.

“We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10,” said Microsoft’s marketing chief Chris Capossela. “We’ll continue to have Internet Explorer, but we’ll also have a new browser called Project Spartan, which is codenamed Project Spartan. We have to name the thing.”


What does this mean for devout IE users?

When I say devout users I guess I mean those people that are still forced to use IE for job or school. There are plenty of people in today’s working world that are somewhat forced to use Internet Explorer to run programs. That’s right in order for IE to work properly there are many programs that have server side includes and scripts that make MS programs function. If they adhered to W3C standards like the rest of the design community they wouldn’t need these. It’ll be interesting to see how the educational and professional communities that rely on IE for day to day use handle the inevitability of the death of Internet Explorer.

Enjoy it while you can. We’ll see how Spartan shakes out. But for today…WOOHOO!

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5 WordPress Plugins for More Traffic


Today I wanted to write an article about 5 popular wordpress blog traffic plugins that will stimulate visitors and get more eyes on your web site. This is by no means a hard and fast list, but I assure you if you’re looking for more traffic on your WordPress web site or blog these plugins will help. The following plugins are arranged in order of what I’ve personally found more effective. The plugins towards […] Continue Reading…

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Use Custom Error Pages to Generate Traffic


Here’s a cool little web marketing trick that I wanted to share with you that you may not have considered. By doing this I increased viewer-ship of some of my less visited posts by promoting them on my error pages. Take a look into Google Analytics and see if you have a large number of error pages that are getting hit.

If this is the case you should first fix what ever that issue […] Continue Reading…

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Trevor Moore: Drunk Texts to Myself – What About Mouthwash? NSFW


I’m a huge fan of The Whitest Kids You Know #WKUK. This is Trevor Moore of the prolific WKUK group. lose to this.since the Kids in the Hall has there been a comedy group This is the kind of comedy that’s hilarious to witness, but another thing to share on social networks. It’s much better to do so on my website, but since I have a not safe for work category I’d have to […] Continue Reading…

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