Content Writing for Intense Website Traffic


If you own a blog you’re no doubt looking to effectively create more website traffic. Why would you make a website or blog if you weren’t interested in having people see it? Chances are if you want people to see your site you also wouldn’t mind making some supplemental income. Most bloggers are looking to make some money on the side with what we do and wear a second hat as an affiliate marketer. I mean doesn’t the idea of making money while you sleep sound appealing? Ofcourse it does. If you too are interested in increasing page-views with better web traffic follow the tips outlined below and let Google Analytics show you how your new content is performing for you.

Intense Website Traffic Tutorials

rejected-superhero-1I’ve been working on creating better web traffic since I registered this blog 15 years ago. In that time search engine algorithms have become more and more sophisticated. Over the years Matt Cutts and Google have been working hard to weed out junk search results and provide valid content users are looking for. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and many black hat practices of the past that would fill SERPs with page after page of ultra spammy search results.

As with any growth there is also pain involved. With the advent of Google’s algorithm releases most recently Penguin and Panda many website owners have seen a severe drop in traffic. This was instituted by Cutts and Crew to point out people trying to cheat the search engines to push their own agendas. The tips following are time tested white hat SEO practices. These posts will help you not only write better original content, but how to actually code your posts to give the search engine bots what they are looking for. In addition to quality well-formed content I will also outline useful web traffic WordPress plugins and social networking tactics that will help get your niche in front of people looking for what you’re writing about.

Write Targeted Content to Reduce Bounce Rates

One thing beginner bloggers don’t take into consideration is how non-targeted traffic promotes a higher bounce rate. So what does this mean? First off your “Bounce Rate” is how many people land on your website looking for one thing, but find the page they landed on didn’t have what they were searching for and immediately left or “bounced” off your site. If this is the case it might have something to do with the subjects you write about. As a blogger it’s important to know your niche and associated keywords people are typing in order to find your site.

It’s important to know your visitors and write for them appropriately. These are the people that are going to share your message and get more viewers to your website. It’s important to give them what they want. Before I write a post I look at my referral keywords so I’m sure first off that this is a subject my readers are looking for, but secondly for power keywords as well as long-tail keywords i need to use in my posts.

And without Further Adieu I give you…

Well Over 17 Tips for Intense Website Traffic

These traffic tips will suit you well. Pay attention and create your own original content and you cannot go wrong. Happy Blogging Folks.

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Adam Carolla Answers an Age Old Question


Good afternoon Internet. Today I wanted to share another one of Adam Carolla’s soon to be infamous rants. The following clip is from the Adam Carolla podcast last week that aired April 8 featuring @Matt Atchity from Rotten Tomatoes, @Bald Bryan and @Gina Grad. @AdamCarolla always has a way of taking a story in a direction you didn’t necessarily see coming. This is not one of those, but it’s hilarious nonetheless.

I had some fun […] Continue Reading…

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5 Quick Tips that Will Increase Website Traffic


Traffic Jam courtesy of Photobucket

Hello again Internet. Today I’ll be posting more web site traffic advice. A list of 5 proven SEO best practices that you may or may not be using already. If these sound new to you give them a shot. Only if your serious about website traffic. If not good day.

Use Google Webmaster Tools to Improve your Website Traffic
Websites that perform better are received by Google better. Websites that perform […] Continue Reading…

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X Files Hokey Show Opener Revisited


A Cheesy Opener for a Highly Regarded TV Series
I had to take a minute to mention how extremely cheesy the original show opener for the X Files was. NetFlix is currently streaming the entire series of X Files of which I was and still am a huge fan. I’ve seen the entire series and seen both of the movies in the theater. In fact, thanks to NetFlix I’ve been able to relive the series. […] Continue Reading…

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Goodbye Internet Explorer You Will Not Be Missed


In case you were too drunk yesterday and missed the joyous news Microsoft announced it was retiring it’s browser the dreaded Internet Explorer just shy of it’s 20 year anniversary. That’s right Bill Gates will be spilling malt liquor soon for IE and it’s shitty iterations. Not since Netscape died has the web design community had more of a reason to celebrate. For regular Internet users out there and government employees alike this might […] Continue Reading…

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5 WordPress Plugins for More Traffic


Today I wanted to write an article about 5 popular wordpress plugins for blog traffic that will stimulate visitors and get more eyes on your web site. This is by no means a hard and fast list, but I assure you if you’re looking for more traffic on your WordPress web site or blog these plugins will help. The following plugins are arranged in order of what I’ve personally found more effective. The plugins […] Continue Reading…

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Use Custom Error Pages to Generate Website Traffic


Here’s a cool little web marketing trick that I wanted to share with you that you may not have considered. By doing this I increased viewer-ship of some of my less visited posts by promoting them on my error pages. Take a look into Google Analytics and see if you have a large number of error pages that are getting hit.

If this is the case you should first fix what ever that issue […] Continue Reading…

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Trevor Moore: Drunk Texts to Myself – What About Mouthwash? NSFW


I’m a huge fan of The Whitest Kids You Know #WKUK. This is Trevor Moore of the prolific WKUK group. lose to this.since the Kids in the Hall has there been a comedy group This is the kind of comedy that’s hilarious to witness, but another thing to share on social networks. It’s much better to do so on my website, but since I have a not safe for work category I’d have to […] Continue Reading…

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