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CSS Gradients and Drop Shadows with Bootstrap

July 26, 2014

Latest post by Nate Balcom

Here are a couple quick code samples that you can add to your CSS for future use. The examples below generate gradients and drop shadows for your designs. Drop Shadow These drop shadows can be altered to reflect into what ever direction you need by altering the webkit and box shadow options in the CSS. […]


5 Tips for Using Google Webmaster Tools to Improve your Web Site

June 4, 2014

Latest post by Nate Balcom

Knowing more about your web site will in turn make it better. Often times we as designers get too close to a project that we’re working on that we over look some glaring issues that may be staring us directly in the face. By using Google Webmaster Tools you cannot only see where your web […]


5 Tips for Improving your Blog that Will Build Traffic

May 27, 2014

Latest post by Nate Balcom

(Image credit: Do you have a blog that you would like to improve your viewer ship and overall traffic? Chances are if you’re a serious blogger you’re always looking for a way to gain and retain new viewers. In this post I list several tips for not only creating sticky content but also: Blogging […]



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